Good Reasons To Perform Refractive Surgery

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Have you lost them? No more searching for them. Are they scratched? It doesn’t matter that you don’t wear any more! Forgotten at a friend’s house? Let them stay with him! You are free of it; you no longer need it! And that’s not to mention the aesthetic advantage it gives people who prefer themselves without glasses at the end of their noses.

Your Vision Without Glasses Is The Same As With Your Glasses

You would be tempted to say: I may no longer need glasses or contact lenses to see there, but is my vision as good as when I wore them? The answer is yes! We practice a correction by Lasik based on precise preoperative examinations, whose result is adapted to your ametropia. The correction provided by Lasik is, therefore, the same as that of your contact lenses or glasses.

You Earn Money

You read correctly. Refractive surgery freeing you from your glasses or contact lenses makes their cost profitable in the long term. In short, you only pay for refractive surgery once. The effects last for your lifetime. You pay for glasses all your life because of the many purchases of pairs of glasses. Contact lenses need to be replaced regularly as well. On average, the cost of Lasik or pkr surgery pays for itself in 4 years. For more details, see our article dedicated to the prices of refractive surgery. Small bonus also concerning sunglasses: As you no longer need correction, you pay for your pairs of sunglasses much less expensive!

A Versatile Surgery: For The Myopic, Hyperopic, Astigmatic, Or Presbyopia Patient

This surgery can be performed on all the most common ametropia. All people can therefore have recourse to refractive surgery.

Refractive surgery can free you from your glasses or contact lenses if you are nearsighted, have farsightedness, astigmatism, or presbyopia. The treatment excludes no ametropia. Refractive surgery can also be performed to correct an association of your ametropia. For example, if you are presbyopia and myopic, astigmatic and hyperopic, or even myopic and astigmatic. These corrections are also made during the same operation. Preoperative examinations naturally determine whether refractive surgery may be feasible. As with any operation, certain factors specific to each person may make it impossible to perform refractive surgery. Hence the importance of these examinations. Find more details on preoperative examinations on our page dedicated to this subject. Get to know this “does insurance cover lasik” here.

One Of The Fastest Surgeries In The World

The intervention lasts about 30 minutes for both eyes, knowing that the laser time is only 10 seconds per eye. The supervision and performance of the act by the ophthalmologist surgeon takes place in the most optimal possible conditions. The technique of the PKR by Excimer laser is also very fast.

Immediate Effects

Immediately after the Lasik operation with discover vision for example, you can see without glasses or contact lenses! Most patients leave immediately after surgery, with protective glasses, and notice the first improvements in their vision immediately after the operation. Your vision stabilizes and improves over the following days, and your ophthalmic surgeon will accompany you until your “new” vision is completely stabilized.

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