How To Know Which Model Of Glasses Is Ideal For Your Face Type?

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In addition to the lenses’ quality, the sunglasses’ model must match your personality and fit your face type perfectly. Below, from the content from american optical, you can check out the frame and which fits best for each face shape.

Round Face

The round face shape is usually characterized by people who have a small forehead, with the measures of length and width of the face closer and without marked angles. On round faces, rectangular and square glasses models are the ones that fit perfectly.

Square Face

The square face shape is characterized by straight and defined lines, well-marked, especially in the jaw region to the neck. For this type of face, oval and round model glasses are beautiful and bring harmony to the look.

Triangular Face

The triangular is recognized for having the lines of the forehead in the same measure of width as the jaw. The thin chin is also a feature of this type of face, which looks great with oval glasses at the bottom or an aviator model.

Oval Shaped Face

In this face shape, it can be noticed that no line stands out, having its length elongated. In oval faces, the models of glasses like Checkmate for example that go well are the round and rectangular ones.

Rectangular Face

Like the oval, the rectangular shape is also larger but has the most marked lines, especially on the jaw and upper part. For these faces, the glasses that fit well are the kitten models, larger aviators, oval and round, always paying attention that the frame is not narrower than the widest part of the face.

What Are The Materials Of The Frames And Their Characteristics

The frame and lens’s material and shape will bring style to your sunglasses. Therefore, choosing a suitable model according to your personality is essential. Below, you can see some of the most used materials in sunglasses frames.


Acetate is one of the most well-known materials for sunglasses, as it helps to bring a modern and elegant look to the models. Also, he’s still resistant to falls, fat, and even scratches.

In addition, it is possible to find acetate glasses of different colors and shapes, in addition to being known for their comfort and a good fit for the face.


Metal is a type of casual frame, which is usually very light and has a very comfortable fit on the face, as it has nose pads that fit the nose bone and guarantee more stability and comfort to the user.

Some frames combine acetate on the sides and the lens part in metal, providing greater comfort and a modern look.


Lightweight and resistant, aluminum is perfect for comfort and flexibility when wearing sunglasses. Aluminum glasses also allow a variety of colors and bring modernity to the look.

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