Is a Botox Procedure Completely Safe?

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There are many things that make people nervous when it comes to medical procedures. Scalpels, needles, pills, and other items can conjure up horrifying images in patients’ minds. For this reason, many people avoid seeing doctors altogether.

One particular treatment that has been questioned by many people over the years is Botox. Is it safe? Does it cause any side effects or lasting damage?

Let’s take a look!

Botox: Safety and Effectiveness

Why do people question the safety of Botox in the first place?

There may be many reasons, but, more than likely, people are concerned about the safety of Botox due to the way the substance is created.

Botox is made up of a protein taken from a neurotoxin known as Clostridium Botulinum, the bacteria responsible for botulism. Years ago, scientists determined that this specific protein, when introduced to muscles and nerves in the body, caused these structures to relax.

When a small amount of the substance is injected into a specific muscle or nerve, that area of the body relaxes. When those underlying muscles relax, the skin on top also relaxes, leading to fewer wrinkles and the appearance of younger looking skin.

Botox is extremely effective at accomplishing this cosmetic goal and has been used successfully for years, but the question remains, is it safe?

The answer is yes! Botox poses almost no risk to patients when used appropriately and in the correct dosages.

As far as side effects are concerned, most patients will only suffer from some general, dull pain near the injection site and maybe some headaches for a few days after.

Sometimes, the medication will spread slightly farther than intended, through no fault of the patient or dermatologist. When this happens, patients may experience some facial drooping, which can last for a few weeks. While this can be annoying, it is not a serious complication. Most patients’ facial drooping resolves quickly and without intervention.

Who Can Perform Botox Injections?

Another question related to safety surrounding Botox injections is that of who, specifically, can legally perform Botox treatments.

There are a few different practitioners who may perform Botox injections, depending on the needs of the patient. For those patients who suffer from spasticity, a neurosurgeon may provide the Botox injection. In terms of cosmetic needs, the injections will be almost exclusively provided by a skilled dermatologist.

The more experience a dermatologist has with Botox, the more skill she will generally have as well. Therefore, when you are searching for a Botox provider, be sure to read to reviews and/or inquire about the doctor’s experience in this area. If they have many satisfied customers who have all given glowing reviews, you know you’re good to go!


If you’ve decided that it’s time for you to try Botox, don’t wait to schedule your appointment! Dermatologists’ schedules can fill up quickly, and, even though Botox appointments usually only take about 15 minutes, you’ll want to get into the office as soon as you can.

If you have further questions, reach out to your friendly, local Botox dermatologist’s office today!

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