The Many Health Benefits of Clinical Pilates

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You’ve no doubt heard of every other person loving Pilates, especially online. After all, it’s a low-impact option that works well for many different people and uses slow precise movements to improve fitness. 

One branch of pilates is clinical pilates, which combines the core ideas of pilates with physiotherapy to treat various issues. This type of pilates has been a favourite not just for its health benefits, but its benefits for women who need to bounce back from pregnancy or prepare to give birth. 

This Is How Clinical Pilates Improves Health

By pairing physiotherapy with exercise, those who practise clinical pilates see a lot of health benefits, as outlined below. 

Correct Your Posture

Posture is important to your health, it can prevent shoulder and back pain in the future and stop chronic pain from coming up. Clinical pilates can help correct this as it focuses on stability, control and balance all while maintaining good posture. In addition, the physiotherapist can find out if something, in particular, is causing your bad posture and helps you address them during your sessions. 

Enhance Flexibility

Many people in this modern world lead sedentary lifestyles, and this leads to poor flexibility and weak muscles. As you build strength in clinical pilates classes, you will better your body’s ability to get you through the day, and this includes increasing flexibility. 

Strengthen the Pelvic Floor

In women, a weak pelvic floor can lead to many health issues in the future and this includes things such as musculoskeletal issues, incontinence, hernias and more. In addition, if you’re pregnant or have recently given birth, improving the strength of your pelvic floor will make both labour and postnatal life much easier for you. Clinical Pilates is a safe space for women to explore these issues and find solutions to them. 

Increase Body Awareness

Pilates is unique as it promotes concentration on movement and how it connects to your body as a whole. This awareness of your body, its aches and pains and needs is something you carry outside the classes themselves. Soon you should be able to identify what’s hurting and what needs to be seen by a professional for a fix.

Improve Overall Stability

Clinical pilates focuses on aspects of your body like hips, shoulders and ankles. By strengthening these areas, you can improve your body’s overall stability and your ability to balance. This can prevent injuries such as falls and make things like walking and sitting easier, preventing issues like muscle strains and aches. 

Better Motivation & Energy

When humans exercise, it can release feel-good hormones while increasing oxygen flow and blood circulation. This gives you a boost of energy, and this energy can often give you motivation to do more with your day and continue down a better wellness path in the future. 

See The Results Yourself

If you want the benefits of clinical pilates and want to be walked through the process in a safe manner Propel Physiotherapy is a great choice for those in Melbourne. Whether you want group classes, prenatal pilates, post-natal pilates or simply have an ache or pain that you need help with, contact them now and get started on your journey toward better health.

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