What Are The Effects Of Alcohol Poisoning

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Alcohol poisoning is a very dangerous condition that can turn fatal in some circumstances. It is caused by the consumption of large alcohol amounts in a very short period of time. Drinking too much can be very dangerous. Most addicts of alcohol have a rather high tolerance for the substance; however, the reality is that this can lead them to be very overconfident in regard to their own ability to consume alcohol. Some of the effects of drinking too much alcohol are as follows

1. Confusion:

Consuming too much alcohol can put you in a state of confusion and can make it very dangerous. This can be one of the very first signs of alcohol poisoning and if it is too much to bear, reaching out for immediate help is important.

2. Vomiting:

Human bodies can be very fast in sensing when someone consumes something the body is not able to handle. Vomiting after consuming alcohol can be the body attempting to defend itself from the sheer volume of alcohol in the Individual’s system.

3. Seizures:

If the body cannot handle the alcohol, the individual may begin to have some very violent and dangerous seizures. This can cause issues as the person can lose control of their body which can lead to further accidents and events.

4. Irregular Breathing:

The breathing of an individual can be very irregular after consuming too much alcohol. It is a dangerous event, and if you are having this symptom where there is a gap of more than 10 seconds between the breaths, then you must immediately find emergency medical skin

5. Change in Skin Color:

If there is an obvious and noticeable change in the skin tone of an individual after the consumption of alcohol, then it is important to reach out to a medical professional.

Low body temperature and Hypothermia is another very common symptoms of alcohol poisoning and can be an indicator of things that have gone very wrong.

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