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Will Teledentistry Take A U-Turn Post-Pandemic?

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has revolutionized many aspects of our daily lives, including how we receive medical treatment. Teledentistry is one such aspect that has been a boon for patients needing emergency dental care. Most dentists have relied on telecommunication to continue their practice during the pandemic.

Nearly 75% of dentists believe that their teledentistry program has been able to successfully treat patients with dental emergencies. But the real question is if teledentistry will still be a thing after the world bid goodbye to this horrifying pandemic. By the looks of it, teledentistry will still be popular even after the pandemic because of its convenience. Keep reading to understand why teledentistry has the potential to survive in the long run.

1.   Flexibility

When patients make dental appointments online, they have a lot of flexibility. The appointment can be made at any point in time at the convenience of the patient. Patients need not be physically present at the dentist’s chamber. You can even talk to your dentist while you are in your car and going somewhere. Another advantage is that you don’t need to sit at the dentist’s office for hours before your turn comes.

2.   No Fear Of Dentist’s Office

Many people often avoid going to the dentist’s chamber because they are afraid. They have an irrational fear of the dentist’s chamber and keep postponing the appointments. Teledentistry will be particularly beneficial for people like them. They will not be required to go to the dentist’s office to get their annual dental checkup done. These people can seek dental treatment from the comfort of their homes or whichever place they are comfortable.

3.   Multiple Consultations

Teledentistry has enabled patients to seek medical advice from dentists, not from their city. It has helped in surpassing geographical barriers and consulting dental experts from around the world. Getting multiple opinions can be quite helpful when you are undergoing a serious dental issue. It might help you make up your mind regarding teeth extractions or other dental surgeries. Moreover, dental practitioners in different corners of the world can also offer you useful techniques to take care of your oral hygiene.

4.   Reduced Costs

Teledentistry has a significant impact on reducing the cost of dental care. People frantically search for affordable dental care in a world where healthcare costs are becoming unbelievably high. Virtual dental appointments can go a long way in reducing the cost of oral care.

You might be suffering from a dental issue that requires regular dental checkups. Teledentistry will reduce your expenses as you will save on transportation expenses by not having to go to the dentist’s office. Some insurance companies are also offering to cover specific teledentistry procedures. With the increasing popularity of teledentistry, more health care payers will come forward to cover the expenses of patients.

Wrapping Up

Many dentists are looking forward to offering online consultation to patients even after the pandemic ends. Video calls or normal telephonic conversations are considered to be effective in communicating with patients.

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